Working of a Chatbot!

With the technology evolving constantly, the ways one can communicate with a brand has also evolved tremendously. A number of tools have been developed to improve the communication process between businesses and their clients. One such tool is a chatbot. Chatbots have made the lives of business owners as well as their customers easier since a customer can easily find what he is looking for through interaction with tools like a chatbot.

Even after the huge leaps of instant messaging services based on the internet, SMS still plays a major role in communicating locally and internationally. It is no wonder that Bulk SMS Marketing has proved to be a great marketing tool for a majority of businesses worldwide.

What is a chatbot?

A chatbot is a software with Artificial Intelligence(AI) that can stimulate a conversation in normal human language through various platforms like websites, mobile applications, messaging applications, or even telephonic conversations. Such a tool is designed to simplify the interaction process between humans and machines and is a great way of improving customer experience.

What is a chatbot?

A Chatbot usually takes responses from your customers, understands its requirements through Natural Language Processing(NLP) and responds to it using the same mechanism. This causes the least efforts to be put in by customers and they still get the information that they are looking for. The response made by the chatbot can even be a picture or a video or anything with your customer. It is compatible to understand your brand and add value to it. You can measure the performance of your chatbot through detailed analytics and reports from the software.

How is it helpful?

A chatbot eases the day to day functioning of a business as it reduces the use of manpower while communicating with your client. Also, the leads captured with the help of chatbots are genuine as these are initiated by the customer only. A chatbot caters to a large amount of audience at any given point of time and is always available to your customers, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and works around the clock. Chatbots also help simplify the online shopping process while solving any problems that may arise in the payment processing for the sales. The bots have made the lives of humans easy while saving both time and money.

Have a personalized chatbot made for your business, if you haven’t already made it and experience how the working of your business eases after it.

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